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My name is Zach Jett, and I am a professional fine art photographer. Louisville, Kentucky and Savannah,Georgia are the two places I call home. I currently am a third year student at Savannah College of Art and Design. My art explores the subliminal spaces between things. The space between humanity and nature, the space between reality and dreams, the space between self and other, are all concepts I choose to explore with photography. By choosing to explore the spaces between things,it becomes more and more apparent how contrived such ideas of separation truly are.

I started to create art as a means of transmuting subconscious trauma that I could not find words to express in that present moment. Self-portraiture became my means of communicating with my self and others. One of the many magical qualities of visual art is its ability to translate experiences, emotions, and thoughts from one person to another. As I grew along my path as a human being, I gained awareness of my ability to use symbols within my art to convey specific ideas and feelings to others.

In the present, I combine both my intentions: to heal, and to explore. As I evolve, so does my art. My own integration of personal lessons and levels of awareness brings with it profound changes that I choose to welcome as they show up.

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